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Crazy is only the thing, the judging one didn't thought of yet


I do take commissions like individual artwork or logo designs /Poster ....

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Imprint ©Denise Pollack, orientated to and translated from the one of Martina Frick 

This website is built with All paintings and sketches are my own and do not infringe copyright laws. The use of them without a link to my website and stating me as the artist is illegal. The protrait photograph of me was done by Tiefdunkelblau

This websites purpose is to showcase the art of Denise Pollack, build a platform to provide information to the artist and art exhibitions. Denise Pollack is registered under the small business regulation of German law as freelance artist. Therefore the artist is not allowed to charge VAT on its invoices according to §19 UStG. This is also the reason why a UST-ID is nonexistent. Denise Pollack does own a trading licence that allows to take commissions. 

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Data Protection

General Information

The following information are an overview over the use of the personal data when you visit my website. Personal data are all data with whom you can be identified as person. More detailed information to this topic can be found in the text to our data protection declaration.

1. Data aquisation

Who is responsible for the data aquisation on this website? The data processiong of this website is done by the operator of this website. The contact data can be found in this imprint.

Access data

We, the website operator and website provider aquise data because of our entitled intrests (see also art6 abs 1 lit f DSGVO in Germany) to gather data over the accesses to our website. We save them as server logfiles on the server of this website. We do protocoll the following:

  • Visited Website
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  • Data size of the sent data in Byte
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  • IP adress

The server Logfiles are saved for a maximum period of 7 days and are deleted after this period. The logging of the data is just for safety reasons, f.e. to be able to trace missuse. If it is necessary to keep the data for evidence reasons, they are skipped from deleting until the case is finally closed.

What we use your data for?

a part of the data is collected, to ensure a smooth and mistakeless provision of this website. Other data can be used to analyse the usage.

You always have the right to get information about the source, receiver and intent of your collected personal data (art15 DSGVO) for free. You always have the right to correct (art 16, DSGVO), block or delete those data (art 17 DSGVO). You always habe the right to  restrict the use og the data (art 18 DSGVO). You always habe the right to see the data you provided and get them transfered (art 20 DSGVO). For all further questions to this topic you can contact the adress of the website opberator. If necessary you have the right of appeal to the responsible Data office (art 77 DSGVO)

Right of withdrawal

You have the right of withdrawal for all consents given (art 7, abs.3 DSGVO)

rigth to object

You always have the right to of withdrawal to future collection and usage of your personal data (art 21, DSGVO

2. General notes and mandatory information

Data protection

The operator of this site takes the protection of your personal data very serious. We handle your data confidental and to all legal regulations to data protection and data aquisation. If you want to use this website, different personal data are collected. Also personal data you can get identified with. The data protection declaration  explains what data is collected and where it is used for. It also explains the purpose why this is done. We want to inform you, that data transfer on the internet (like communication via email) can have security issues. A fully protection of the data for reach of third persons isn't possible.

Site operator:

Responsible for the data processing of this website is: Denise Pollack, Peter-Betz-Str.14c, 76863 Herxheim,, +49(0)176-31383935

Withdrawal of the consent for data processing

Many data processing steps are only possible with your consent. You can always withdraw your given permission. This can be done via email to us. The legality of the data collected and processed until withdrawal stays untouchted.

Right of Data transfer

You have the right to get the data we collected because of your consent or in we collected automized in fullfilling of a contract transfered to you or a third person. This would be done in a usual, machine readable format. If you want a direkt transfer of this data to a different responsible, this can be only done if technical possible.

Information, Blocking and Deletion

You have the right (in the legal framework) to get Information without any need of payments about the collected and saved personal data, their heritage and receiver and the purpose of their processing. Also you might have a right on correction, blocking of deletion of this data. All further questions concerning this can be aksed to the site operator.

3. Data collection on this website

Server log data

The site provider collects and saves information your browser provides automatically to the server log data. these are the following

  • browser type and version
  • used operating system
  • referrer URL
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  • time of server connection
  • IP adress

There is no merge with the data of other data sources. The basic for the data processing is art 6 abs1 lit b. DSGVO für the processing of data to fullfillment of a contract or pre-contract measures.

Electronic mail (e-mail)

Information, that you submit to us unencrypted f.e. via e-mail, can possibly be read from third parties during the transfer. We cannot check your identity and won't know who is the person behind an e-mail adress. A simple email does not provide a legal safe communication. We use - as many other email-providers - filters agains SPAM emails, that can in rare cases also filter and delete normal emails to the category of SPAM although they aren't. Emails containing damaging software or viruses are deleted automatically. If we do receive an email from you, we expect that we are allowed to answer it.

Contact form

If you contact us via contact form, we will use the information from that form inclusivly the contact information for the response and processing of your Question. We do save the information for the case of additional questions. We don't pass these on to third parties (without your permission). The processing of the data entered to the contact form is done only on base of your permission (art 6 abs 1 lit a DSGVO). You can always withdraw this permission (via a simple email). the legality of the already collected and processed data remains untouched by this. The information from the data entered to the contact form stays with us, until you reach out for deletion or withdraw you permission of their saving or the purpose of data logging disappears (like when all your questions you reached out to us are answered). All legal requirments - especially retention obligation - stay untouched.

4. Data collection of Newsletter and the mailchimp service

We use  mailchimp as our marketing platform. If you want to learn more about the data processing and privacy practise of mailchimp you can look it up here Part of the feneral conditions of mailchimp is the order processing contract (art 28 DSGVO, since 15.mai 2019) who ensures that your data will only be used after the operators will. Mailchimp is hosted in the USA and their service is certified with the EU/Switzerland-US-Privacy shield. Mailchimp is used for the purpose of our legitimate interest on efficient and safe email transfer (art 6 abs 1 lit DSGVO). A

For newsletter subscription we use the double-opt-in (DOI). That means you get an email with a link where you need to proof, that you really want to subscribe. This ensures, that your email adress wasn't entered by a third person (art 7 abs 1 DSGVO). For legal reasons the operator must keep those opt-in mails for documentation purposes. During the subscription process your IP adress as well as date and time will be logged as well. This is also saved for legal reasons. This information will all be deleted when you unsubscribe our newsletter.  You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. For legal reasons there is no other way this information can be deleted.

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