Art   -  Denise Pollack
Crazy is only the thing, the judging one didn't thought of yet

Short overview over my Projects and other work


  • Brooklyn Art Library "The sketchbook project" vol.14 2018, "Bees around the world"
  • Brooklyn Art Library "The sketchbook project" vol.15 2019, "painting with fruits, flowers and other food and drinks" 
  • Brooklyn Art Library "The tiny sketchbook project" vol.2 2019, "kurrent Skript lexicon" 
  • Brooklyn art library infinite sketch "creature"
  • Brooklyn art library canvas party + penpal painting exchange
  • Brooklyn art library "The sketchbook project" vol.16 2020, "long hair story short, my real life Rapunzel story" 
  • Brooklyn art library digital infinite sketch "deep sea

  • My Books:


  • Kinderbuch Denise Pollack, 2020,"Die drei Waldgeister", 2.Auflage, ISBN-13 9783751954181, Verlag BOD
  • Kinderbuch  "Mein großes Lastwagenbuch"
  • Kinderbuch "Erste Gute-Nacht-Geschichten in Schwarz-Weiß